Another leap into the world of the SCBWI New York conference world. It was an overwhelming experience. Inspiring and encouraging, mostly. Its hard to be brave but I’ve decided that 2018 is going to be my year of being extra brave. Its time to stop hiding behind the curtains.

work in progress

I recently finished the dummy for a story that I’ve been working. As a little treat for myself I decided to do the colour on one of the sketches. It’s not finished yet but I am happy with the way it is progressing. I love these characters so much!


second page_colour_small


My first conference, my first portfolio showcase! What a trip! It was an overwhelming but inspiring experience. I feel energised and eager to revise and create and be bolder in my choices. I hope that the momentum of the conference is something that I can maintain now that I am back home.


Red Riding Hood

This is my entry for the 2016 Tomie de Paola award. I submitted it back in early December but as the competition was anonymous, I’m only posting it now. I really enjoyed creating this piece. I decided to make it a contemporary version of the classic Red Riding Hood story so I added some backstory. I tried to represent Red as a spunky, energetic child in need of a “job” to occupy her. My Red is an older sibling in a household with an overworked mother with a small baby in need of a bit of a break. I didn’t win but I’m pleased with how this piece came together.

Entry for 2016 Tomie de Paola award

Entry for 2016 Tomie de Paola award


This is my entry for the Susanna Leonard Hill, 2nd Annual Pretty Much World Famous Illustration Contest for Children’s Illustrators

Discovery. Entry for Susanna Hill's illustration contest. Watercolour and Acrylic.

Discovery. Entry for Susanna Hill’s illustration contest. Watercolour and Acrylic.


I’ve finished my piece for the scbwi “draw this” new monthly art prompt. Here it is:


It was done with watercolour and acrylic. No retouching once I scanned it in, although it was hard to resist!